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Our authors are today's thought leaders and subject-matter experts. They come from academia, business, government, and private practice. As you might expect, their credentials include professorships, Ph.D.s, master's degrees, and others, but most important they come from situational work experiences. They have joined us to produce creative, innovative, and practical learning resources based on our proven and unique approach to adult learning.

Adult Learners

All of our resource materials are designed and developed for adult learners and the learning strategies that work best with adults. Adult learners expect, and deserve, to leave the experience with competencies that can directly and immediately be applied on the job. Participants must be able to recognize and use the skills and competencies in real job situations or "training-in-context."

A blend of content presentation, exercises, open dialog, and opportunities for interaction rank high among the most useful learning techniques for emphasizing a training-in-context concept, where the learning environment approximates the workplace environment in as many contextual ways as possible. This is characteristic at all levels within the organization. And, by using this approach, participants will be confident in the use of their newly acquired skills and competencies on the job.