The “New Narrative Age”
Conceptually, the “narrative age” recognizes the implicit value of knowledge (many times untapped knowledge) embedded within the body-organization. The roadblock has been to access this knowledge, aggregate it into a cohesive order, and provide access to it as dynamic learning objects. In essence--we know it’s there--we can’t readily get at it--and if we do, we are unable to translate the knowledge into meaningful sources of learning. What’s been missing is an integrated process and associated toolsets to facilitate such an initiative.

Our new and innovative toolsets and process models provide you the resources and capabilities to tap and unleash the vast reservoir of knowledge, skills, and abilities embedded in your organization. The toolsets and process models focus on the four key components of building a narrative-based learning organization; how to identify, collect, and map knowledge, and, as a result, deliver high-impact learning.

Identify the key knowledge areas critical to your organization's future success.

Collect the crucial and important knowledge embedded within your organization.

Map your organization's collective knowledge by relevance and needs.

Deliver the collected narratives in forms of dynamic, accessible learning objects.

Storytelling Development Model
What was the situation?
Who were the players?
What problems needed to be solved?
What decisions were made?
What were the key actions steps taken?
What were the solutions?
What worked?
What tended not to work?
What were the key success factors?
What were the leadership qualities?
What were the lessons learned?

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