DEMO          USER LOGIN - Building knowledge organizations through innovative learning Are you like millions of others across the world whose knees shake when asked to make a presentation? This book will help you to effectively prepare for and deliver a presentation that is sure to win you recognition and acclaim.

By applying the yogic principles of preparation, practice and feedback, you will learn to prepare and deliver presentations in a variety of settings and formats. - Building knowledge organizations through innovative learning
Unfortunately, many presenters rely solely on PowerPoint to deliver their message detracting from their ability to compel their audience to action or to make a strategic business proposition.

This book focuses on the effective use of PowerPoint as one tool to support your presentations. Using the yogic principles of balance, focus and mindfulness, you will learn simple strategies to immediately improve the quality and effectiveness of your presentations. - Building knowledge organizations through innovative learning
This book will help you establish proven techniques for planning and holding various types of meetings:

The Information Meeting -- learn role-plays, tests, buzz sessions and other techniques for getting participants involved.

The Policy Meeting -- learn how to maintain objectivity and to get full audience participation.

The Problem-Solving Meeting -- learn the techniques to lead a group to meaningful consensus.

The Brainstorming Meeting -- learn to identify distinctive areas or problems that require a creative approach.

The Project Meeting -- learn how progress checks are taken and measured, accountabilities are clarified and resources adjusted. - Making Great Presentation
Making Great Presentations
By Hal Portner

Here's the thing about making great presentations... they are planned. Some new presenters-and veteran ones as well-will make good presentations without much planning. But when you have thought through the particulars of what you will present, when and how you will present it, and how you will manage the presentation, chances are it will be great.

Even when your presentation is well planned, knowing how to manage stage fright and hecklers, and engage the audience can add to its success.

Making Great Presentations is chock full of exercises, examples, and tips that will help you prepare and deliver compelling and engaging presentations.

Making Great Presentations guides you through the all-important first step of clarifying the purpose and objectives of your presentation. Once this is done, (Managing Your Presentations) takes you through the PACEs of planning your presentation.

You will discover ways to create and sustain interest and participation in your presentation; learn how to make and use effective handouts and PowerPoint ; slides and examine innovative ways to capture and influence your audience.

Taming those butterflies in your stomach, effectively using the power of body language, and comfortably managing yourself and your environment... that is what brings a well-planned presentation to life. That is what this book is all about.