DEMO          USER LOGIN - Building knowledge organizations through innovative learning This comprehensive guide will take you step-by-step through the process of building a successful telecommuting program. It includes:

Identifying telecommuting jobs..
Developing eligibility criteria.
Creating telecommuting policies and procedures.
Promoting the program to managers and employees.
Evaluating the program's success. - Building knowledge organizations through innovative learning
This book is for managers, supervisors, team leaders and other professionals wanting to learn how to effectively manage employees who are dispersed geographically. Through professional advice, personal assessments and practical exercises it covers the following:

An temperament assessment for the E-manager.
The advantages and challenges of a mobile workforce.
Tools and techniques for managing remotely.
Building teams and trust long distance.
Managing and evaluating virtual employee performance. - Building knowledge organizations through innovative learning
Employees consider telecommuting the perfect solution to reducing stress and enjoying greater work/life balance.But not all jobs or employees meet the criteria for a successful telecommuting experience. Working in Your Slippers: How to be a successful Telecommuter offers employees a realistic perspective on the world of Teleworking. They are encouraged to carefully consider their motives, temperament and consequences of working from home.