personality, focuses on 12 areas
of contribution to the organization
interests and fit in the organization
observable behaviors with an optional
360 component
values clarification, for individuals,
departments and organizations

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Validity, Reliability, and Bias
CenterMark, MatchPoint, and Working Styles assessment instruments have undergone independent review for validity and reliability and have met all industry standards, including adequacy of the items, theoretical framework of the intended measures, statistical difference among each of the types for establishing discriminant separation, stability of the inventory over time, statistical convergence and divergence of each behavior scale, and measuring of the theoretical construct. CenterMark, MatchPoint, and Working Styles assessment instruments have been determined to be without bias across ethnic boundaries, gender, and age groups. - Building knowledge organizations through innovative learning Leveraging My Talent and My Career: A journey in self-discovery
Darlene Davis, MA

Leveraging My Talent and My Career is the first step in The Career Planning Series. The series is a powerful and practical guide for charting your future, identifying your unique style and preferences, clarifying your values, and enhancing your career potential.

In this book you will find relevant and useful information, interactive feedback in the form of queries and responses, exercises and activities, and much more.

The suite of assessments is accessible online through user name and password and consists of four unique and proprietary assessments designed for career development, including job performance, job fit, job satisfaction, social behaviors, working styles, and values.

CenterMark - Based on studies in preferences, assesses the key attributes and behaviors associated with job performance and satisfaction.

MatchPoint - Assesses the key characteristics influencing job fit and satisfaction. Supports you in your career planning and increases your potential for job satisfaction.

WorkingStyles - Based on studies in social behaviors, Working Styles has a 360 component which provides insight as to how others see you.

ValueBase - Is an assessment for clarifying values and the importance of how these values are actualized and expressed on the job.

Once you have purchased the book, you will be notified by e-mail and given a username and password for access to the assessment site. The assessment results, reporting, and printing features will be available to you for 12 months following purchase.

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